Practice Management



Healthcare Plus service covers Healthcare Primary services and in addition will provide a formal report with recommendations for Compliance & Management. A report will also provide a formal Plan of Action to be implemented. The service will divide into 3 stages as follows:
  • Review of all existing policies, procedures, risk assessments and documentation in place
  • A formal written report will be provided with all the identified issues addressed and devise plan of action with recommended timescales
  • Mock Inspection will be arranged after recommended time scales indicated in formal report

Healthcare Plus is 1 to 2 days service depending on numbers of registered patients, number of staff, size of premises, on going compliance issue (if any), last report (if inspected).

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CQC Inspection Failure Reasons

Risk Assessments
Unaddressed Issues
No experience of Inspection

Why Healthcare Plus Plan Healthcare Primary Plus is very basic need of every healthcare facility to check its existing policies and procedures alongwith the experience of Inspection.

Complete Review

A detailed review your existing documentation

Policy Check

Professional review of existing policies against standard policies defined by CQC

Risk Assessment

Assessment of potential risks by experienced health advisors

CQC & NHS England

A review of existing Compliance with CQC and NHS England

Report & Recommendations

A report confirming if existing documentation and procedures are sufficient and adequate for CQC Inspection

Mock Inspection

Third-party arranged inspection to highlight misses before the inspection

Practice Management

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