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Uttara Sarkar

Uttara Sarkar is also one of the founding director & Partner of First Choice Practice Management Ltd. She has been an established Practice manager in Primary Healthcare sector for over 12 years. In her various roles of management in general practice and Primary Healthcare, she worked with the London deanery on the training approval team for trainers & Training Practices. She has worked as a Practice Manager Representative on the local LMC board. She works as a CQC Practice Manager advisor and recently she has also taken up the role of a Mentor in a Mentoring project undertaken by her local CCG. She has over the years helped many practices and colleagues and care homes to improve overall management of their business. She completed a Level 5 Diploma in Primary Care and Health Management under ILM and AMSPAR and CITY & GUILD.

Prior to this, with her specialisation and education in Electronic Engineering (Bachelor of Engineer) and in Computer Networks and Management (MSc in Comp Network & Management) she started working for the NHS as an IT Manager in 2005 and soon after shifted to Practice Management. Uttara strongly believes in the future of primary healthcare and feel that she being in this job for a substantial amount of time and knowing the ins & outs of Practice Management, could help to contribute to the priorities of Primary healthcare/practice management in line with the standards of the CQC.

As a minimum Uttara have the following qualifications:

  • M.Sc. Computer Networks and management
  • B E Electronic Engineering (Bachelor of Engineer)
  • Diploma in Primary Care and Health Management AMSPAR and CITY & GUILD
  • ILM Level 5 in Primary Care and Health Management
First Choice Practice Management
Uttara SarkarDirector & Co-Founder

Waleed Khalid

Waleed Khalid is one of the founding director & Partner of First Choice Practice Management Ltd. He has a number of business interests in the Health and Social Sector. Prior to this, as a qualified training specialist he occupied roles up to senior Consultant in Private Sector organisations. This experience, together with extensive exposure to academic studies in that area, fitted Waleed well for the next phase of his career. Following the role of Senior Training Executive, Waleed developed a Health & Safety Training company and been very successful in providing training and support to a number of organisations within Healthcare sector.

Waleed current role is to oversee the quality of First Choice Practice Management system, maintaining the integrity and culture of the content, assisted very ably by a team of expert contributors.

Waleed has wide experience across a variety of roles in the care sector. He has been Assistant Manager, General Manager and Senior Executive. He has also served as a Trainee Food Inspector for Thurrock Council for premises inspection, advise and support

As a minimum Waleed have the following qualifications:

  • M.Sc. Food Safety Management
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Food & Health Sciences
  • QCF (Teaching) IQA Level 3 Award in Preparing to Teach in Lifelong Learning
  • OfQual Qualified and Approved Trainer
  • CIEH Trainer Charter Certificate
Practice Manager in Enfield
Waleed KhalidDirector & Co-Founder

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